Perfect Glow

Derived from natural ingredients Perfect Glow solutions are Paraben free, gluten free and formaldehyde free (No DMDM Hydantoin) plus Perfect Glow Sunless does NOT contain any parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals or gluten and has been tested on happy clients instead of fluffy animals.
Perfect Glow Sunless is an odorless formulation to avoid the typical spray tan smell. This allows you to dress quickly post spray and will avoid transferring off since it is non tacky.
We are proud to be a supplier of Perfect Glow – a US made product, created by women for women.
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HeyAlt Sun

ALT SUN is owned by Celebrity Spray Tan Artist Steph Taylor who is a WOC and a BIPOC Color Theory Specialist. Within the 13+ years of spraying all skin tones and type, there has yet to be a solution on the market that was made with richer Melanin in mind.  “BODY: Made For Melanin” was designed for skin types that are on the higher end of the Fitzpatrick Scale, specifically 4-6. Made with skin loving ingredients and custom mixed bronzers to enhance richer skin tones.
HeyAlt have done their research and they’ve run endless testing to make sure they’re solutions not only give your spray tan 30% longer lifespan, but also enhance your skin while sporting said spray tan. Some of their MVP’s include Hyaluronic Acid to aid with retaining moisture for an even application and fade, Matcha to help eliminate free radicals and protect and repair skin from sun damage, as well as DMI (the ingredient that makes their solutions sweat resistant).
We are proud to be a supplier of HeyAlt Sun – a US made product, created by women for women.
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Finishing Powder

Glow By Erin Finishing Powder is a hypoallergenic, talc and paraben free, proprietary blend of cosmetic grade powders and micas that were designed to be used in conjunction with spray tan formulas. Immediately following a spray tan, the powder is applied and you can get dressed, feeling completely dry and best of all, look amazing! The bronzer from the spray tan doesn’t get all over your clothes or car seats like it has in the past. Glow By Erin finishing powder helps set the spray tan while it’s developing, preventing smudging and marks. Glow By Erin have come up with a groundbreaking finishing powder. The powder eliminates that post-spray sticky feeling, leaving a beautiful shimmer and a clean fresh summery scent.

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