Let’s be real, why do women alway get the short end of the stick? Like it’s not bad enough that we even have to deal with monthly PMS but now I’m here to tell you that this is going to affect your spray tan result? Yes, actually, I am the bearer of bad news. I get it, your feeling bloated and the Charmin commercial has even become a tear-jerker. So you’re looking for a little pick-me-up. What better than to schedule an appointment with your favorite San Jose Tanning spray tan artist. Well, here comes the bad news.

When women menstrate it greatly shifts our PH balance and overall hormones. A normal PH of the skin is 4.5 to 5.5. When women menstrate that PH level drops which causes the skin to dry out. As you know, applying a spray tan onto dry skin causes blotchy and uneven results and a tan that will generally not last. 

But that’s not all. The hormonal imbalance that your menstrual cycle causes can actually affect the overall shade that spray tan develops into. Which means, an avid spray tanner can be left perplexed that their regular spray tan shade has developed so differently. What exactly happens to the shade? Well, more often than not we find that the hormonal imbalance will cause clients to see results 20% lighter than they are used to. And not just that, it will fade quicker also.

As you know, it’s not just menstrual cycles that play havoc with our hormones. The same can be said for pregnancy and menopause. Yes ladies, you don’t get a break either. And as our menopausal women will know all too well, hot flashes with a side of sweating is an all too familiar occurrence. And sweat and developing spray tans don’t exactly make for a match made in heaven. 

Overall, we have found many many women achieve great results spray tanning either while menstruating, pregnant or menopausal. However, if you do find that your results are different from usual then hormonal imbalance is usually a good place to start. At San Jose Tanning we are always happy to offer a patch test if you are concerned about results.